Jan 18 17 1:57 AM

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I don't know whether you plan a new update - and I'm sorry if you implemented some of those ideas already ^^

1. placing torches on the side of an block, not only on the top
2. trees are able to regrow, if the player leaves or builds one woodblock on a grass/dirt-block
3. one coal can be used to melt/ cook up to three things in a furnace
4. the cupboard acts like a "small chest" and has three slots for item storage
5. "diary"book
  1.maps (made of 9 leaves) are renamed paper
  2. one black color and 8 paper will create a book, if the player kills animals or enemies or destroys blocks, s small description will be written into the book
6. surviving a night without being found by a cannibal or killing one will decrease their number in he next night but it will increase their view and sensitivity
7. Bone Armor
 1. killing a cannibal will give the player one human bone, they can be used to create a bone armor
 2. the bone armor gives no protection but it will keep cannibals without weapons away if there is not at least one cannibal in their view
8. placing torches in nature will attract cannibals to go there